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Series 2

Episode 1

A review of the film Certified Copy by Abbas Kiarostami which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

An inteview with the historican Homa Katouzian about his book The Persians.

A look at the contemporary art exhibition called From Tehran to London.

Episode 2

A look at the underground graffiti artists in Tehran.

A short profile of the Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi, one of the most influential filmmakers in the Iranian New Wave movement.

An investigation of the Fluid Piano, which allows the performer to tune the notes to any frequency.

Episode 3

A special episode looking at the art of the Green Movement one year on after the Iranian elections.

Episode 4

A look at the political cartoonists living and working inside and outside of Iran.

The Iranian-born star of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest show, Love Never Dies speaks to Tamasha about his love of the performance.

A look at the new exhibition in Paris by the painter Rokni Haerizadeh.

Episode 5

An exploration of the history of Iranian Flags.

The artist and filmmaker Shirin Neshat discusses her award-winning film Women Without Men.

A report about the Rio Carnival in Brazil.

Episode 6

A look at the portrayal of Iranians in Hollywood through the latest Bruckheimer blockbuster Prince of Persia.

A report about vernacular South African art during the World Cup.

A review of the second instalment of “Sex and the City” which takes the women to Abu Dhabi.

Episode 7

A short profile of the British playwright and director Peter Brook, coinciding with his latest play, 11 and 12, as it’s performed in London.

Turkish author Elif Safak talks about her novel The Forty Rules of Love.

Azeri artist Tahir Salahov dissects his version of Soviet art.

Episode 8

An exploration of the exhibition exploring the mystical world of Islam, Light of the Sufis, based on a book by the same name

Comic actor Omid Djalili talks about his new film The Infidel, about a Muslim who finds out he is Jewish.

A profile of celebrated British sculptor Henry Moore.

Episode 9

A report from Iran about the never-ending project to build the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini.

An investigation into the history and latest developments in 3D filmmaking.

A report from Afghanistan about the traditional Attan Dance.

Episode 10

The influence of the poet Hafez in Britain is explored through the stories of calligraphers, animators and composers who have interpreted Hafez’s poetry in their work.

Episode 11

The work of the conceptual artist Francis Alys is explored as the exhibition A Story of Deception opens at the Tate Modern.

The director Babak Jalali discusses his film Frontier Blues, in which four men in a border province of northern Iran dream of a better future.

An exploration of the themes in the play Jealousy in Exile, written and performed by the Iranian community in London.

Episode 12

The Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Zizek speaks about his ideas.

An exhibition at the National Gallery called Fake Art, looks at how the original artwork can be changed, sometimes with the purpose of deceiving buyers and viewers.

Episode 13

A tribute to the leading artist Bahman Mohasses, who died recently.

Dancer Lemi Ponifasio speaks about his latest performance Tempest without a Body showcased at the Edinburgh International Festival.

A look at a group called ImprovEverywhere, who re-enact famous Hollywood movies in public spaces in the USA.

Episode 14

Map historian Cyrus Alai speaks about the map of Iran.

A profile of the American film director Martin Scorsese who is one of the most significant and influential filmmakers in cinema history.

A look at the story of Hansel and Gretel as adapted for the opera by Engelbert Humperdinck.

Episode 15

A report about the traditional Japanese Dance called Kabuki as it is performed at Sadler’s Wells.

A profile of Iranian author Hassan Kamshad.

A report about a new course for aspiring young poets in Mazar-i-Sharif.

Episode 16

The leading French conceptual artist Christian Boltanski speaks about his new exhibition Monumenta taking place in Paris.

A report about “Unfinished Film”, which is based on an anti-Jewish propaganda film made by the Nazis in the 1940s that was never finished.

A look at the revival of the main Afghan Music School with international help.

Iranian-American artist Amir Baradaran talks about why paranoia is an important theme in his work.

Episode 17

To coincide with the anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war, prominent war photographer Alfred Yacobzadeh reflects on his career.

A profile of artist Feredoun Farokhzad, killed by the Iranian authorities after helping Iraq children escape to Germany.

A roundtable discussion of war literature with Ghazi Rabihavi, Mansour Koushan, Hossein Noush-Azar.

Episode 18

A look at a new exhibition at London’s Tate gallery profiling pioneering photographer Edweard Muybridge’s life and work.

A look at the performance of ’Kontakthof’ by the Pina Bausch’s company a year after the choreographer’s death.

Mohammad Reza Shajarian discusses the social importance of music in Iran.

Episode 20

A look at the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, featuring former conductors Iraj Sahbai and Rahbari, and an examination why the orchestra has always struggled for money and acceptance.

A review of the new film A Social Network, based on the true story of the founding of Facebook.

A look at the advertising campaign launched led by an Iranian creative director to promote the importance of biodiversity.

Episode 21

A report from the Paris district of Menilmontant, where, once a year, artists open their doors to the public.

Artist Parastou Forouhar speaks about her latest exhibition in London.

A report about a tribute in New York to artist Ardeshir Mohasses two years after his death.

A look at Maryam Hashemi’s London exhibition.

Episode 22

A Tamasha special programme devoted to the British Film Institute’s London Film Festival, including Never Let Me Go and Black Swan.

Episode 23

A profile of famous Iranian composer and conductor Hossein Dehlavi.

Episode 24

A report about the controversial Iranian performance artist Amir Mobed.

A look at the work of avant-garde dance choreographer Merce Cunningham who died at the age of 90 last year.

Episode 25

The bestselling Indian British author novelist and essayist Salman Rushdie speaks about his latest book Luka and Her Fire of Life.

A report on the publication of the 100 year old colour photographs by Sergei Produkin Gorski, who photographed the Russian Empire before the Revolution.

A report about the Iranian American artist Kamrooz Aram.

Episode 26

A report about why comic books have been less successful in Iran than in the West.

A look at the first London Iranian Film Festival.

A profile of the world’s leading performance artist Marina Abramovic.

A look at the winning photographs displayed in the World Press Photography Exhibition showing in London.

Episode 27

A report from Japan about the differences and similarities between Japanese and Persian calligraphy.

A review of the Egyptian film Microphone, which looks at the underground youth scene of the artists in Alexandria.

Short profile of one of the best known American writers Paul Auster, featuring his new book Sunset Park.

Episode 28

A profile of the Iranian author Mahmoud Doulatabadi, who speaks about his latest book The Coloneis during a book tour in Germany.

Episode 29

A look at the work and life of the late playwright and novelist Gholamhossein Saedi.

A review of the documentary film Armadillo, which follows the lives of Danish soldiers based in the Afghan province of Helmand, less than a kilometre away from Taliban positions.

A look at the making of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s recent exhibition of a million sunflower seeds which are currently in the Tate’s Turbine Hall.

Episode 30

A report about the making of the BBC television series Spooks, now being shown on BBC PTV.

A tribute to John Lennon, who was killed 30 years ago in New York.

Short profile of the Norwegian children’s author Roald Dahl in which includes readings by members of his family.

Episode 32

A best of Tamasha compilation featuring the conceptual artist Christian Boltanski, the comic actor Omid Djalili and the photographers Edweard Muybridge and Alfred Yacobzadeh.

Episode 33

A look at the Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award which focuses on modern contemporary Iranian literature.

A profile of the New York-based Iraqi artist Wafa Bilal who has recently implanted a camera in the back of his head and had a map of the Iraq war tattooed on his back.

Episode 34

Several stories related to the Shahnameh, whose author Ferdowsi died 1000 years ago.

A report about an exhibition in Tehran of contemporary paintings called “Whatever happened to the women of Shahnameh”.

A profile about the musician Farnoush Behzad who wrote and performed the music on a set of CDs of the Shahnameh stories.

A report on the Oscar contender The King’s Speech, a historical drama about King George VI, who with the help of an Australian language therapist overcomes speech and his stammer.

Episode 35

A profile of the Iranian actor Susan Taslimi, now living and working in Sweden.

Episode 36

A report about the Cyrus Cylinder, usually housed in the British Museum but currently on display at the Tehran National Museum.

Literary critic Hossein Noushazar discusses Mahmoud Falaki’s latest book Carola’s Other Death.

A look at the new i-pad game based on Operation Ajax.

Episode 37

A compilation of three previously transmitted items, featuring the artists Francis Alys, Amir Mobed and Wafa Bilal, all of which create political artworks.

Episode 38

Critic Mark Lawson discusses what he thinks will be this year’s Oscar winners.

A look at the Fajr Film Festival in Tehran where the Iranian government made a concerted effort to promote Iranian films.

A look at the Berlin Film Festival, one of the most international film festivals.

Episode 39

The Iranian film directo Asghar Farhadi speaks about his new film a Separation, which won the Berlin Film festivals top award.

A report about an exhibition at London’s Royal Academy about 100 years of British sculpture.

A look at the huge impact of Japan on high street fashion today.

Episode 40

An investigation into the rise of the Iranian Art Market which includes an insight into what has changed over the course of the year

Episode 41

The documentary filmmaker Sophie Fiennes speaks about how she made her feature documentary Over Your Cities Grass will Grow about the photographer Anselm Kiefer.

Episode 42

A look at how societies across the world and throughout the ages have mused mood enhancing drugs, based on an exhibition at the Wellcome Institute.

The literature critic Hossein Noushazar talks about Under the Taq Trees, a recent popular gothic novel by Ali Changizi.

A report about Anthony Gormley’s life size statues in the Austrian Alps.

A report about the Iranian documentary Green Wave, which focuses on the protests after the 2009 Iranian election.

Episode 43

A report about the pioneers of the new wave of Iranian music and poetry, based on interviews carried out in the 1970s.

Episode 44

A best of Tamasha compilation featuring the melancholy poetry of Baharie, the paintings of the Shahnameh stories, the playwright and novelist Gholamhossein Saedi and review of the Egyptian film Microphone.

Episode 45

Film director Majid Barzegar speaksa about his latest film Rainy Season, which focuses on a boy going through puberty and parental separation in Tehran.

A look at the letters of the artist Paul Gauguin, which provide an insight in the artist’s practice and inspiration.

Episode 46

Tate Modern’s curator Jessica Morgan provides an insight into the Gabriel Orozco exhibition.

Literary critic Hossein Noushazar reviews the novel Spring 63 by Mojtaba Pourmohsen, winner of the Literary Critics of Iran prize 2010.

A report about the documentary Taqwacore, which is a combination of hardcore, a genre of punk music, and taqwa, an Arabic word that translates as "god-fearing."

Episode 47

Profile of Houshang Seyhoun who is regarded as one of the leading thinkers in modern Iranian architecture.

Seyhoun is regarded as one of the leading thinkers in modern Iranian architecture, having adapted old Persian architecture with to modern ideas.

Episode 48

A repeat of Statues of Tehran. Tamasha looks at the fate of a Revolutionary statue built on Tehran’s Engelhab Square which has been removed during the construction of a new Underground railway system.

Episode 49

A report about the Shah, based on a new biography by Abbas Milani.

A look at the significance of marionettes, based on the work at London’s Puppet Theatre Barge.

An insight into the work of New York based Iranian artist Ali Bani Sadr.

A look at the Mohammad Ghazzali photographic exhibition in Tehran.

Episode 50

Review of the recent 3D film about Pina Bausch by filmmaker Wim Wenders.

Literary critic Hossein Noushazar discusses the Tehran book fair.

A look at the Mohammad Ghazzali photographic exhibition in Tehran.

Episode 51

A repeat of the profile of writer Mahmoud Doulatabadi.

Episode 52

Special report from the Cannes Film Festival, divided into three parts. The first part looks at the best films of the festival and the winners, including Terence Malick’s The Tree of Life. The second film looks at the impact of Italians in Cannes and the final part of the programme looks at the history of the Cannes film festival.

Episode 53

A report about Georg Gerster, an Austrian photographer artist who was commissioned by Farah Pahlavi to document Iran from the air 30 years ago.

A look at the Dirt exhibition at the Wellcome Institute, which includes a section showing how some artists have been making art from dirt or waste.

The renowned theatre director Hassan Majoon speaks about his recent Chekhov plays staged at Tehran’s Iranshahr Theatre.

Episode 54

A report about the prominent Iranian novelist Houshang Golshiri who died exactly 10 years ago.

A look at what is taking place at the Venice Biennale this year.

A report about the work of top architects who were inspired to create living spaces for cancer sufferers.

Episode 55

Profile about Hossein Amanat, who designed the iconic Shahyad monument in Tehran, which was later renamed Azadi monument.

Episode 56

A look at the exhibition chronicling the actress Elizabeth Taylor’s photographs of travelling around Iran in 1976. A report about the sci-fi film Source Code which includes an interview with director Duncan Jones.

The literary critic Hossein Noushazar reviews the book by Shabi Monken called The Possible Night.

A short profile about the artist Hooman Derakhshandeh, who is exhibiting his work at the Golestan gallery in Tehran.

The Iranian-born fashion designer Pierre Garroudi takes models wearing his daring red clothes on a flashmob through London’s underground and railway stations.

Episode 57

A look at the exhibition of the late Catalan artist Joan Miro, one of the most influential and original visual artists of the 20th Century.

A report about British/Iranian artist Reza Aramesh, whose recent exhibition “Walking in the Darkness Of a Promised Light” in Dubai recreates images from the world’s conflict areas.

A report about the fictional and autobiographical manga cartoons of veteran Japanese mangaka Yoshihiro Tatsumi.

A look at the life and work of the veteran painter and pioneering conceptual artist Gholamhossein Nami on the occasion of his recent retrospective exhibition in Tehran.