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America Held Hostage

30 years ago Iranian students took over the United States embassy in Tehran and held the Americans inside hostage. It took 444 days for the hostages to be released. This documentary charts the story of the hostages, the reaction of the media in America and how it led to a complete breakdown in relations between Iran and the United States.

For thirty years the building of the Iranian embassy in Washington has been abandoned. The hostage crisis led to the downfall of an American president Jimmy Carter, but it was also the start of Iranians political and economic isolation.

Through exclusive interviews with the former hostages – including the diplomats involved Bruce Laingen and now Ambassador John Limbert, and CIA agent Bill Daugherty – the film re-creates the drama of the event, and shows its impact on US-Iranian relations with comment from broadcaster Ted Koppel. Koppel’s long-running Nightline programme actually started life as a nightly report on the hostage crisis, and after the crisis ended the programme had entrenched itself on the ABC programming schedule, and given Koppel a career. Directed by Rosalind Bain.